Welcome to DG Vaishnav College Physics Department



College Vision 

To impart value based quality academia; to empower students with wisdom and to charge them with rich Indian traditions and culture; 

to invoke the self, to broaden the same towards nation building, harmony and Universal brotherhood.

College Mission

To ensure sustained progress and development in imparting quality education, to pioneer new avenues of teaching and research and

to emerge as an institution with potential for excellence

College Prayer

           Satyavaratam satyaparam trisatyarn

                      Satyasya yonim nihitam ca satye   I

     Satyasya satyam ritasatyanetram

                                                     Satyaatmakam tvaam sharanam prapannaah II

                                                         -          Srimad Bhagavatam (10-2-26)

English Translation

We have sought you as our protector,

Who is The observer of Truth, who is the abode of Truth,

Who is absolute Truth, who is the origin of Truth,

Who is the Truth of Trruths, whose eyes are Truths and

Who is the incarnation of Truth,

       Vaani gunaanukathane shravanu kathaayaam

                          Hastau ca karmasu manastava paadayor naha I

       Smrutyam shirastava nivaasa-jagat-pranaame

                                 Drishtissataam darhane(a)stu bhavattanunaam II

                                                                                       - Srimad Bhagavatam (10-10-33)

English Translation

Let our tongue be engaged in chanting your virtues

Let our ears listen to your stories, let our

Hands be active with the work assigned by you, let

Our mind remember your feet, let our heads

Bow before all your abodes and let our vision be fixed

On supermen who are nothing but your body.


       Namo bhagavate tasmi krishnaayaadbhutakarmane I

               Rupanama vibhedena jagatkridati yo yatah II            

-          Tatwaarthadeepanibandha

-          Shastratha Prakarana-I

English Translation

Our salutation to Lord Krishna who performs miracles

For, with differentiating form or name

He plays with every being in this world.


  • Stand up during prayer wherever you are, when the prayer is ON

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