Dear Students 

There are many Registered Societies and Associations for Physics serving our Country. Many of them bring out Science magazines, journals, e-books. Please visit their websites, understand their organisation. many of them conduct Symposia, Summer/ winter schools, training programmes, Outreach programmes, Conferences. Intimation  of these are clearly announced in their websites time to time.

Please make it a habit to visit these websites. 

Do Apply for membership in these forums. Get the benefits, attend various seminars conducted by them, get their books at a discount price, get to know what is happening in your field, who's who, various opportunities available to you. Wishing you the best - Uthra mam 

Indian Physical Society membership form.pdf Indian Physical Society membership form.pdf
Size : 45.076 Kb
Type : pdf
IWSA membership form.pdf IWSA membership form.pdf
Size : 819.24 Kb
Type : pdf
ISCA membership form.pdf ISCA membership form.pdf
Size : 1828.158 Kb
Type : pdf
IPA membership.pdf IPA membership.pdf
Size : 266.438 Kb
Type : pdf
IAPT membership form.pdf IAPT membership form.pdf
Size : 1033.416 Kb
Type : pdf

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